Strong Games is a competition geared towards the strength athletes and those who get a thrill out of lifting heavy weights. With 3 different weight class divisions for males and females, there is a divisions for all levels of competitors. The Strong Games gives seasoned strong man athletes OR first time competitors a chance to show off their strength up on the BIG stage. This one day competition will feature five Strongman events. The athletes will be tested through each of the five events, pushing them to the absolute best of their abilities (The strength and mental toughness of each competitor). Athletes will need to be conditioned as well as strong in order to complete each event. This event will showcase what the sport of Strongman is all about.

Spectators, If you have ever had the desire to watch a Strongman competition live, this is your chance!

Athletes, if you ever wanted to be among the strongest, this is your opportunity!

Weight Classes and Events

Weight Classes/Divisons:

Light Weight Women (LWW): 0-140lbs.

Middle Weight Women (MWM): 141-160lbs.

Heavy Weight Women (HWW): 161lbs. +

Light Weight Men (LWM): 0-185lbs.

Middle Weight Men (MWM): 185-235lbs.

Heavy Weight Men (HWM): 235lbs. +

Events: Not in order and still subject to change. (Weights will still be adjusted)

1. Log Clean n’ Press (:60sec time limit)
Athletes will have sixty seconds to get as many reps as possible. Log must start from the floor and end in a controlled/locked out position overhead. Log must be controlled on the way down! First dropped rep from overhead will result in a “no rep”. Second rep dropped from overhead will result in a zero for this event!

▪ LWW – 110lbs.
▪ MWW – 130lbs.
▪ HWW – 150lbs.
▪ LWM – 220lbs.
▪ MWM – 240lbs.
▪ HWM – 260lbs.

2. Yoke Carry (:60sec time limit)
Athletes will have to run a yoke 60’ across the floor, carrying the entire yoke passed the finish line. Yoke must be carried on the back. Only one drop is allowed and there will be a :2sec strict slide penalty in place.

▪ LWW – 300lbs.
▪ MWW – 350lbs.
▪ HWW – 400lbs.
▪ LWM – 550lbs.
▪ MWM – 650lbs.
▪ HWM – 750lbs.

3. Deadlift Ladder (:60sec time limit)
One rep on the first axle bar, must be completed double overhand. One rep on the second barbell, mixed grip allowed. And finally one more rep on the final barbell, mixed grip is allowed.
▪ LWW – 150/205/255lbs.
▪ MWW – 170/255/305lbs.
▪ HWW – 180/275/325lbs
▪ LWM – 235/405/465lbs.
▪ MWM – 255/455/505lbs.
▪ HWM – 275/505/555lbs.

4. Farmers Carry (:60sec time limit)
Athletes will have to carry their farmer handles from the start line down the floor (50’) and completely across the finish line. Back of the handles must cross the finish line. NO DROPS ALLOWED and there will be a :2sec strict slide penalty in place. Athletes will get credit for distance if they cannot cross the finish line with the implements in hand.
▪ LWW – 130lbs.
▪ MWW – 150lbs.
▪ HWW – 180lbs.
▪ LWM – 230lbs.
▪ MWM – 260lbs.
▪ HWM – 280lbs.

5. Carry-Carry-Carry n’ Load (:90sec time limit)
Athlete will have ninety seconds to complete this event. Athletes will start off by carrying a sandbag 100’ (50’ down + 50’ back) then they will grab a keg, carrying again 100’. Finally they will grab the last keg carrying only 50’ (25’ down + 25’ back) and load it over the yoke. Athletes will get credit for distance if they cannot complete the load and will only be given a time score if they complete the load within the time limit. Athletes may NOT grab the yoke to use in assisting the load.

▪ LWW – 130/130/145lbs.
▪ MWW – 145/145/160lbs.
▪ HWW – 160/160/175lbs.
▪ LWM – 175/175/215lbs.
▪ MWM – 200/215/230lbs.
▪ HWM – 230/230/250lbs.

So, where & when is it going down?

Mirimar Regional Park

16801 Miramar Pkwy, Miramar, FL 33027

MARCH 28th & 29th, 2020

Registration Now Open!


Spectator and Athlete Info


We are excited to have you compete and looking forward to a very fun and exciting event!


Start Times

All Heats will start ON TIME! The event will run on a running clock and will not wait for a late arriving competitor. Report to the starting area at least 5 min prior to your heat time. All heats will run ON TIME unless there is a delay due to unforeseen circumstances such as injury.

Each individual competitor will be required to register. At registration you will check in, receive a shirt, confirm signed waiver, and weigh in. YOU MAY NOT REGISTER FOR A TEAMMATE. If you are under the age of 18 you must register with a parent or legal guardian.

Competitors will have the option to pre-purchase their Discounted (50% off) Parking Pass on the ProFit app OR they will have the opportunity to purchase the discounted Parking Pass with cash on 3/27 at Check-In.

Parking WITHOUT a pre-purchased pass will be $10 at the gate EACH day.

Early Check-In
Friday 3/27. Early Check In/weigh-ins will be at Crossfit GMA between 7am and 11am. Evening Check in between 4pm and 8pm at Miramar Amphitheater.

Late Check in/weigh-in
Saturday 3/28 between 7am and 8am.



PLEASE share this information with family and friends that may be attending. (There may be commercial vendors at the event who will be accepting CC for their goods and services.

Parking will be $10 CASH ONLY at the gate if not accompanied by a competitor with a parking pass.

Event Entry
Unlimited Admission Fee: $20 (ALL Weekend Including Pool)
One Day Admission Fees: $15 (Including Pool)
Pool ONLY Admission: $3.50
Children 12yrs of age and under are free!

Equipment, Drinks and Personal Items
Tents, chairs, SMALL coolers, snacks, and drinks are allowed. ALCOHOLIC BEVERAGES ARE NOT ALLOWED TO BE BROUGHT ONTO PREMISES. Beer will be sold at the event. Must have a valid ID to purchase beer.

TENTS may NOT be larger than 10’x10 and MUST be staked down to the ground! If your tent is not secured to the ground you will be required to take it down.

We know you love your adorable companions and we do too but unfortunately for this event, NO PETS WILL BE PERMITTED.
The Exception: Freakin Crossfit observes all Florida laws and ADA standards, animals designated as “Service Animals” will be permitted. If you are a person with special needs and are accompanied by a “Service Animal”, please notify persons at the gate to contact a Manager who will ensure that your companion’s admittance is accepted.

Social Media
Your friends, family, or coaches, coming out as a spectator or at home, will love following us on Instagram and Facebook AND at freakincrossfitthrowdown.com for the most up to date information.

16801 Miramar Pkwy, Miramar, FL 33027

Freakin’ Fitness thanks you for your participation! If you have any questions, please e-mail info@freakinfitfest.com