The Freak Show is back and better than ever! This year we are changing the format to showcase the best part of weightlifting, THE BATTLE!

Athletes will compete 6 at a time head to head, one by one, up on the big stage to find their heaviest snatch attempt. Athletes will each have three attempts to out lift the rest.

Heats will be re-sorted for the second round based off the heaviest Snatches within each division. Here you will get three more chances to hit your heaviest Clean and Jerk.

Each male and female in each division will take home awesome prizes! However, Only the top 3 male and females out of ALL divisons, based off Sinclair,  will be standing on the podium at the end of the day and will also be taking home awesome rewards.

How Does it Work?

  • Each athlete will register within the weight division they fall into. They will be required to weigh in the day of the competition:
    • Male:
      • Light Weight Division: 55kg – 67kg
      • Medium Weight Division: 73kg – 89kg
      • Heavy Weight Division: 96kg – 109+kg
    • Female:
      • Light Weight Division: 45kg – 55kg
      • Medium Weight Division: 59kg – 71kg
      • Heavy Weight Division: 76kg – 87+kg
  • If the athlete is does not make weight, they will be disqualified and/or moved into another division IF possible.
  • Each athlete will be assigned a heat and platform number. There will be 6 athletes per heat.
  • Each heat will have a STRICT start time. At the start time, athletes will have 3 minutes to walk on stage to their designated platform and load their bar to the first attempted snatch weight.
  • At the 3-minute mark, the clock will start and the athlete at station 1 will have 30 seconds to make a lift. Athletes MAY make more than 1 attempt to make a lift as long as it is within the 30 seconds alloted.
  • There will be a 10 second transition to athlete 2 at platform 2, in which athlete 2 will then have 30 second to make their snatch attempt.
  • This sequence of 10 and 30 seconds will continue until all 6 athletes received 3 attempts at the snatch. This will give each athlete 4 minutes in-between each attempt to reset their bar to their next attempted weight.
  • After athlete 6 finishes their 3rd attempt, all 6 athletes will have 2 minutes strip their bars and re-stack their plates in the proper position and walk off stage.
  • After all athletes within a division complete the first snatch round, the heats will be re-sorted based off lightest to heaviest lifts. Athletes that had the heaviest Snatches will be stationed towards the center platforms for their Clean and Jerk Heat.
  • There will be a 10min intermission between rounds 1 and 2 for each division in order to re-sort the athletes and assign the new heats and platform assignments.
  • In the second round, same rules apply and athletes will now have 3 more 30 second chances to hit their heaviest clean and jerk.
  • Top three athletes with the heaviest total (Snatch + Clean and Jerk) within their division take home the prize.
  • The top three overall male and female athletes based off Sinclair, , will stand on the podium and take home the bragging rights!

DAMN, there’s rules?

-It is the judge’s discretion on whether or not a lift was completed or not.

-USAW rules will apply when determining a “good” lift. (i.e. no push out, knees cannot touch the ground, etc)

  • If an athlete does not strip their bars and re-stack their plates back in the proper spots, their scores can be withdrawn from the competition.
  • If an athlete misses their heat time. They are not guaranteed to get into another heat and will receive a zero for that heat.
  • If there is any deliberate attempt to distract an athlete while lifting, they will be disqualified.

So, where & when is it going down?

Mirimar Regional Park

16801 Miramar Pkwy, Miramar, FL 33027

March, 2020


$6500Registration Fee
  • Per Competitor