The Freakin’ Fit Fest is an all-inclusive festival consisting of three fitness competitions, and a vendor village featuring exhibitors promoting products and services to enhance fitness, healthy lifestyles and fun filled recreational activities. The festival will be full of fun and exciting activities for all competitors and their families to not only enjoy watching their fitness warriors but also to learn and explore how fitness and healthy lifestyles can immeasurably improve one’s life. There will be FOOD, DRINKS, AND FUN FOR EVERYONE!

If you are a Crossfitter, a weekend obstacle race warrior, gym rat, the average Joe, or just interested in getting into fitness and looking for new and exciting options to explore, Freakin’ Fit Fest is WHERE IT’S AT!



Freakin’ Crossfit Throwdown:

A premier South Florida Cross Fitness competition attracting hundreds of athletes from the region challenging athletes to put the pedal to the metal and prove that they are the fittest men and women of the day.

Fit Dash Challenge:

A challenging and fun filled obstacle course designed to appeal to the entire community of fitness and endurance athletes or any guy or gal who knows that they have the right stuff to take it on.

Freak Show- Olympic Weightlifting competition:

One of the most fun and unique Olympic weightlifting competitions in Florida. This event draws the strongest men and women in the region showing their stuff by moving massive amounts of weight with meticulous precision and technique. Anyone from beginners to elite olympic lifters can take the big stage and show the community what they got.

Come out and delight in Florida’s sun while competing in fitness or watching others compete. Enjoy exploring the FitFest Village of vendors and this  one-of-a-kind “three ring fitness event ” held at one of the most spectacular sports venue in Florida — Miramar Regional Amphitheater and Park 

 More info and registration for the Freakin’ Crossfit Throwdown , Fit Dash Challenge, and the Freak Show below:

Freakin’ Crossfit Throwdown

Five divisions   *   Three-person same-sex teams   *  Two male/two female co-ed teams.  Two days with six scored events.

The Freakin’ CrossFit (“FCF”) Throwdown is a professional-grade fitness competition that takes pride in its quality and integrity, year after year.

The two day event will kick off on March 28th and 29th, 2020 . Teams will be tested in a vast array of fitness challenges that will push a team to their physical and mental limits across a variety of domains; including strongman, oly lifting, gymnastics, and cardio-respiratory endurance.

The differentiator will be how well the competing teams work together as a single unit.

Teams will be competing for CASH rewards and awesome prizes.

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The Freakin’ Crossfit Throwdown was hands down the best competition I have ever been in.  Fun, competitive, well organized and challenging.

John Hatzis, 2 Time Throwdown Competitor

Awesome competition. All heat times ran smoothly and organization was definitely a key factor here. Loved that there was also a huge tent for everyone to sit under.

Awesome Gym! Great competition definitely going to continue competing at this gym!

The Freakin’ Fit Dash

 The Freakin’ Fit Dash is not your typical obstacle race. This race is to test your overall fitness. You will not be getting muddy, wet, or catch on fire; you will not be waiting your turn for an obstacle, and you will not be trampled by hundreds of other racers. This is a 1 mile clean course, filled with obstacles that will test your strength, endurance, balance, speed, and agility. With just 5 racers starting at a time, you will not get stuck waiting your turn to conquer an obstacle or task. With the crowded chaos out of the way, the fittest people will truly be at the top of the leader board at the end of the day.

It does not matter if you are weekend warrior, avid Crossfitter, frequent obstacle course runner, or just the average joe looking for a challenge, with 2 divisions and only 1 mile of course, ANYONE can take on this challenge.

Register now to test your fitness and see where you stand amongst your community, friends, or make it a personal challenge for just yourself.

Top 3 times for both males and females will receive awesome prizes along with bragging rights that will last a lifetime!

 Take the challenge and see how fast you can conquer the Freakin’ Fit Dash!

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The Freak Show

The Freak Show is back and better than ever! This year we are changing the format to showcase the best part of weightlifting, THE BATTLE!

Athletes will compete 6 at a time head to head, one by one, up on the big stage to find their heaviest snatch attempt. Athletes will each have three attempts to out lift the rest.

Heats will be re-sorted for the second round based off the heaviest Snatches within each division. Here you will get three more chances to hit your heaviest Clean and Jerk.

Each male and female in each division will take home awesome prizes!  However, Only the top 3 male and females out of ALL divisions, based off Sinclair,  will be standing on the podium at the end of the day and will also be taking home awesome rewards.

More Info & Registration

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